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Buy Facebook Views

You can buy Facebook views from MikeSocial82 and give your page the boost it needs to appear in other people's timelines. This way, you can achieve greater horizons and get through to your target audience, making your business grow in the process.

buy facebook views

Benefits of buying Facebook views

Facebook has been one of the most used social media sites for several years. It allows you to keep up with your loved ones and can also be an excellent place to grow your business. It allows you to get through to your audience through different pieces of media, including text posts, images, and videos.

When it comes to audiovisual content, people can watch your video based on the platform's algorithm. Thus, if you follow certain steps, you might be able to make your content favorable to the network and show up in the timelines of different people.

However, more than being favorable to the platform's algorithm, if you purchase Facebook video views, you might be able to stand out from your direct competition.

A high number of views contributes to your credibility, letting people know that your business is serious and trustworthy. Learn why buying Facebook video views from MikeSocial82 can benefit your business.

Get an Initial Boost for Your Videos

As we've mentioned, a big part of social media marketing is making your account favorable to the Facebook algorithm. Thus, the higher your Facebook video metrics, the more likely it'll be for your video to show up on other people's feeds. Thus, if you buy Facebook video views, you can reach more users and increase your reach simultaneously. Your Facebook profile will start increasing in popularity gradually, allowing you to focus on other of your social media accounts as well.

More Organic Views

If you've worked on your social media growth for a while, you likely know the importance of organic social proof. In this case, purchasing Facebook views may boost your organic reach, as you will be able to attract more people that might be interested in your content. It's not very complicated for Facebook videos to become viral. Therefore, if you decide to acquire more video views, you would be contributing to the viral potential of your video content.

Attract More Followers

Besides getting through to your audience, one of the goals of any marketing strategy for social networks is to boost your social media engagement. You can boost the organic reach of your Facebook fan page by purchasing social proof, including video views. A big follower count may contribute to the credibility of your business and can make Facebook pages more reliable. May interest you: buy Facebook followers.

Increase your Social Proof and Credibility

Social proof refers to how others view your brand based on your content and other users' engagement. All of this can be found in your social media profiles, and, therefore, Facebook views are part of this wide category. Whether they are live stream views or video views, you can be sure that high numbers will increase your credibility and social proof.

People will see that others are interested in your offer and will be more likely to explore your content and get to know your business. Facebook marketing is incredibly important if you want to assure the success of your business. Hence, buying FB video views from real Facebook users can help you push your business in the right direction and improve your reach even further.

Make More Money

You might be able to attract more people if you buy Facebook views, allowing you to boost your reach and get people to be engaged in what you have to offer. Like most social networks, Facebook allows you to monetize your video content. Thus, if you follow the right practices and know how to reach your audience, you might be able to make more money in the long run. Facebook pays $1,000 per 1 million views. You can buy Facebook views from authentic Facebook users and give your page the boost it needs to start monetizing your videos and getting through to your audience.

Save Time and Money

However, these strategies may not be accessible to everyone. Plus, some people don't have the time to keep up with all the steps that are needed to maintain such a Facebook campaign for a long time. That's where buying Facebook views becomes crucial. Not only will you be able to reach your target group, but you will also be able to save time and money on a strategy. All Facebook view packages are available at an affordable price on our website. You'll start getting new views within just a few hours. The whole order process takes less than 5 minutes.

buy facebook cheap followers

Why Should you Buy Facebook Video Views from MikeSocial82 ?

Tons of benefits may come to you through the purchase of Facebook views. It is not a complicated process and will only take you five minutes. Here are some of the many factors that make us different from the competition and make us one of the best social media growth service providers on the web.

High-Quality Video Views from Real Accounts

We only offer real Facebook video views. Therefore, you can only expect authentic, real users when working with us. Our social signals are free of bots, automated tools, or fake Facebook accounts that were recently created. It's very important for us to ensure the security and quality of our services.

Therefore, we're constantly conducting quality control processes that allow us to eliminate potential spam accounts that could put our clients in a complicated situation.

Affordable Prices

All of the packages you'll find on our page are very accessible. The prices start at $2.00, allowing you to get high-quality views from authentic users starting 24 hours from the moment of your request. Our services are characterized by being cheap and fast. Thus, you will be able to contribute to your video marketing goals and boost your Facebook page. Social engagement is extremely important for all social media networks, and our company offers it to you at an affordable rate.

Multiple Types of Views are Available

You will be able to request multiple view types for your Facebook profile, including the following:

  • Video views
  • Monetizable views
  • Story views
  • Livestream views

We cover all the types of views that Facebook has available at the moment. Hence, whether your current strategy focuses on a certain video, a live stream, or even a story, you can be sure that you will be able to boost your views and increase your social proof and provide more value to your account. If you want to improve your social proof even further, you might be interested in learning how to buy Facebook likes.

Gradual Delivery Time

It's not enough to buy social proof. It's also important for it to be delivered gradually. Otherwise, you might be at risk of triggering Facebook's spam algorithm. We take our clients' requests very seriously. That's why each of the Facebook views you'll receive from us will be delivered within a natural timespan, mimicking organic growth. This way, your account will remain safe, and you will be able to continue boosting your account without problems. All orders start being processed within 24 hours. Depending on the size of the package, it could take between 1-20 days to complete your order to make sure it appears as organic growth.

Options to Buy a Monthly Package

If you want to boost your live streams, you can choose to buy a monthly package from us. It doesn't matter how long your stream is – all the views you purchase from us will remain throughout the whole thing. Your monthly package will remain active within 30 days starting from the date of purchase. You can also test this service through a one-time package. The pricing for this option starts at $8.00.

Wide Range of Packages to Suit your Budget

We are constantly working on adding more to our offer. Thus, our Facebook video packages are very variable and can suit all budgets and preferences. The following Facebook view packages are available on our website: 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000 and 100000. The pricing starts at $2.00 per 25 views. All packages are gradually delivered so the platform can detect it as organic growth. Thus, you will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits that come with all the new views you will get in your video content.

60-day Refill Guarantee

It's common for social engagements to drop now and then. However, we will make sure that your video views count remains the same within the first 60 days after you've made your purchase. You will maintain the same numbers for at least two months and even further if you decide to come back and repeat your purchase. All orders are eligible for our 60-day refill guarantee, regardless of the size of your chosen package.

Secure Payment Gateway

We are constantly working on optimizing our website and servers to protect the privacy of our clients. All payments will be processed through a secure SSL-encrypted server. Plus, there is a wide range of payment options available – which we are currently working on expanding even further.

 Payment Methods

At the moment, we accept stripe (debit and credit cards) .

Customer Support

Our customer support team is available for you during business hours. We will gladly answer all of your inquiries and doubts regarding our services or company. If there's anything you would like to know, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat (available in the bottom left corner of our website) or email. Our service is characterized by having a very high customer satisfaction rate. The majority of our clients are 100% satisfied with our offer, which has allowed us to remain positioned as one of the best growth service providers for social media platforms.

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